Viewers tuning into the NFL Sunday night games were treated to a bizarre new ad for, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The commercial starred Matt Damon and loftily associated cryptocurrency with some of the bravest accomplishments in modern history.

The advert begins with Damon walking along a blank hallway. “History is filled with almosts,” Damon begins, “With those who almost adventured, who almost achieved, but ultimately it proved to be too much. Then there are others – the ones who embrace the moment and commit.”

Damon’s speech continues as he walks past heroic vignettes imposed in the hallway, including a mountain climber on Everest, a Wright Brother piloting an early aircraft and a group of astronauts preparing to board a shuttle. There is also a shot of a couple kissing in a club, which is an odd aside amongst the other scenes.

“They calm their minds and steel their nerves, with four simple words that have been whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans: Fortune favors the brave,” Damon concludes, as the camera pans over an image of space and the logo is presented.

The advertisement clearly displayed impressive production values, but featured an abstract pitch for the platform at best and didn’t really address the potential instability of investing in cryptocurrency.

Damon was widely mocked on Twitter after the ad was released for participating in the ad. Other commentators mocked the grandiose tone of the commercial in general, which painted those chasing the current trend as equivalent to brave explorers and pioneers which is questionable at best.

The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein was among those criticizing the actor, writing “Jesus Christ does he not have enough money already?”

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