The feud between actor Matt Damon and comedian Jimmy Kimmel was heightened yesterday when Damon released a fake campaign attack ad against Kimmel’s independent run for the vice presidency.


Kimmel and Damon have enjoyed a playful back and forth for years now, after Kimmel repeatedly canceled Damon’s appearance on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!  The whole thing started based on a joke Kimmel shot from the hip after a bad show, saying “I want to apologize to Matt Damon, we ran out of time,” when Damon wasn’t even slated to appear.

Flash forward to May of this year, when Kimmel announced his run for vice president with the slogan “A Good, Solid #2.” This proved the perfect opportunity for the actor to get his nemesis back – he produced a campaign attack ad.

In it, Damon asks if Kimmel “can really be trusted,” citing the multitude of times Kimmel claims to have run out of time for Damon. The actor calls Kimmel “deceitful, duplicitous, a liar.” Interspersed throughout the ad were clips of sketches involving the duo. The ad ends with “Paid for by Citizens for a Kimmel-Free America.”


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See the ad below, and keep an eye out for how Kimmel might respond next.

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