In the midst of the Web3 bubble seemingly bursting and imploding on itself as cryptocurrency market values plummet from their highs, some are remembering the awful TV ad starring Matt Damon where he referred to investors in crypto as the bravest explorers in the history of the world with the tagline “Fortune Favors the Brave.” This ad promoting began airing in October during NFL playoff games and even played during the Super Bowl.

One writer, Jon Schwarz, pointed out that if you were inspired by the Damon ad to purchase Bitcoin exchange-traded-fund or “ETF,” you would definitely not have gotten any return on that “Brave” investment of yours.

Lots of celebrities and influencers including Larry DavidKim KardashianSnoop DoggJimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton, have been tapped by crypto companies to shill their products and sell the idea that consumers are missing out, all the while getting incentivized with their own huge dollar payouts, and often not doing much research in what they’ve promoted in the first place.

While some have been experiencing some schadenfreude and glee around seeing people who got tricked by cryptocurrency schemes get scammed out of their money as the values of most of the biggest coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB all saw historic dips in value, others point out that those who bought in and lost their money are more likely just regular consumers who got tricked.

As good as it feels to know you didn’t lose a ton of your money in what you were told was a brave get-rich-quick scheme, maybe save your roasting for people like Damon and Fallon who cynically hocked crypto for a thick paycheck with no care for how it could impact others.

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