Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Jimmy Kimmel introduced a very special guest: Tom BradyPatriots’ star quarterback. Except he wasn’t really Brady. Instead, Brady was played by Kimmel’s fake arch nemesis, Matt Damon.

Kimmel made the introduction by announcing, “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the man who engineered the greatest comeback in football history, five-time Super Bowl champion, and last night’s MVP, number 12, Tom Brady!”

A costumed Damon entered the show, sporting the full football player uniform, complete with a big number 12 on his chest.  He makes a gratitude speech, saying, “I’m happy for my teammates, I’m happy for Boston, I’m mostly just happy to be here, on the show. This is happening. I’m on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.”

Damon and Kimmel have had a long-running fake feud that involved Kimmel repeatedly apologizing to Damon for being unable to interview him on his show, due to running out of time. Each time this happened, however, Damon wasn’t even at the show. When Damon finally does make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel got to finally apologize to Damon for running out of time, before ending the show without interviewing Damon.

Check out the video below for a recap of their fake squabble.

So last night, when Damon again made an appearance on Kimmel’s show, it was humorous on multiple levels.

And at least this time, Kimmel let Damon stay for the entire interview, without running out of time.

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