Matt Bomer and Marisa Coughlan premiered their new film Space Station 76 at SXSW and spoke to Uinterview about their characters and how fun it was to make a spin on a period film.

Space Station 76 takes place in the 1970’s version of the future, essentially transplanting ‘70s culture and style into a futuristic setting – the space station.

“I play Ted, who is the mechanic on the space station,” Bomer revealed. “Much like a mechanic, he wants to fix everything. He is just the kind of guy who no good deed goes unpunished.”


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Bomer and Coughlan play husband and wife in the sci-fi dramedy.

“He’s trying to do the right thing and do his best by his wife and their child, and it’s just not working out for him,” Bomer said.

“And I play a very disappointed wife,” Coughlan added, laughing.

Space Station 76 is the feature debut for director Jack Plotnick, a prolific actor, and also stars Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler.

“We’re living this sort of suburban life, but out in the middle of space, sort of floating around. The great thing about the movie is it’s comedic and kind of quirky, but the undertones are that we all have these vulnerabilities and these issues…that bubble up onto the surfaces as the quarters get tighter and tighter,” Coughlan explained.

Tensions may run high during the film, but Coughlan said the costumes never failed to make her smile. When asked what the actors thought of dressing up in full ‘70s garb, Coughlan was quick to praise her many outfits, saying it “Absolutely, could not have been more fun, in my humble opinion.”

Bomer had less extravagant outfits to play with, but he did mention a corduroy jumpsuit that he enjoyed wearing.

Aside from the film, Bomer and Coughlan teased their upcoming projects, with Bomer mentioning the HBO film The Normal Heart and the final season of USA’s White Collar, which he said should begin filming this summer. Coughlan told Uinterview that she is developing a new television program for Warner Bros. In a sweet moment, Bomer smiled wide at Coughlan’s news and gave her an enthusiastic high-five.

Space Station 76 was acquired by Sony Pictures Worldwide before it’s SXSW premiere, but no distribution schedule has been released.

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