Masters of the Universe fans might have just received their first look at the new and improved Battle-Cat from the highly anticipated He-Man reboot.

CGI Battle-Cat

A live-action film version of Masters of the Universe, the ‘80s cartoon that followed the adventures of He-Man and his magical friends, has been rumored to be in development for years, but for the first time, fans have been shown an actual step forward in the production of a possible film: a photo of an updated Battle-Cat, He-Man’s armored tiger friend.

When asked by a fan about an update on a possible Masters of the Universe movie, Columbia Pictures’ DeVon Franklin, shared a photo of what fans assume is a rendering for Battle-Cat.

Franklin has not confirmed whether or not the photo he shared is actually an official still from the development of the film or if it’s just a mockup. Regardless, the new Battle-Cat has received heaps of praise and approval from fans, who see the CGI armored cat as a step in the right direction for a more hardcore Masters of the Universe film. In 1987, a Masters of the Universe live-action film was released, but the film was more ridiculous than anything else.

Despite the release of the new photo, the fate of the He-Man movie remains in flux. In 2013, director Jon M. Chu, who was originally attached to the project, left the film and Terry Rossio, co-writer of The Lone Ranger, was reportedly taking over as director of the project, but there hasn’t been much news on the film since.

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