MasterChef crashed Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 kitchen on Wednesday night when the Top 6 competed. Natasha, Jessie and Luca – the red team – competed against Bri, James and Krissi – the blue team – in the Restaurant Takeover in which they had to cook Chinese food.

Both teams had a rocky start, as they were almost equally inept and inexperienced with cooking Asian food. Luca brought the red team down early when he poured cold water into a steamer, but his team recovered quickly with some well-received beef.

Meanwhile, Krissi proclaimed herself the weakest link of the blue team after host, judge and expeditor Gordon Ramsay yelled at her for not cooking her prawns – the stovetop wasn’t on.

In the end, the judges and customers of WP24 declared the red team the winner, meaning that Bri, James and Krissi will face elimination and the pressure test. This week’s pressure test: to concoct the perfect calamari and marinara sauce dish. Ramsay questioned Bri on her decision not to break her vegetarian diet to taste the squid so that she would know when its done cooking. She said she examined the texture of the calamari to determine when it was ready.

Neither Krissi nor James served the judges a good calamari, but theirs was still found tastier than Bri’s and Bri was sent home.

Next week, the Top 5 – Krissi, James, Luca, Jessie and Natasha – will compete in another Mystery Box challenge on MasterChef, Wednesday night at 8 P.M. on Fox.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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