MasterChef returned Wednesday night with another 2-hour episode, featuring actress, producer and restaurateur Eva Longoria, who selected the ingredients for the week’s Mystery Box Challenge.

When the contestants come to the floor and open the Mexican-inspired box of foodstuffs, they find a number of spicy items handpicked by Longoria, along with pork tenderloin, shrimp, avocado and corn. Observing the chefs at work, the judges decide to take a closer look at Bri’s butter and cilantro shrimp, Savannah’s spice-encrusted pork tenderloin and Eddie’s chili pork loin, ultimately naming Bri’s shrimp dish the winner.

By winning the Mystery Box Challenge, Bri earned an out from the elimination challenge, and the ability to choose a Walmart grocery basket to give to one of the contestants – while the others use ingredients from the leftover basket. Bri decides to give Natasha the entrée basket and the half-hour cook time, while giving the rest of the contestants and hour to work on the dessert basket.

To Bri’s surprise, Natasha cooks her steak perfectly, and pairs it with sweet potato fries and three dipping sauces. The bakers in danger of elimination are James, Krissi and Lynn, whose “baked meringue” Gordon Ramsay likened to “cow s–t.” Unfortunately for Lynn, her dessert fail cost her the competition and she was sent home.

The second hour of MasterChef opened with Gordon, Joe and the contestants riding on waverunners in Surf City, USA. Back in the kitchen, Jessie selects the chefs that will join her on the Blue Team – James, Natasha, Bethy and Eddie. She then picks Savannah as the captain of the Red Team composed of the remaining contestants – Lucca Krissi, Bri and Jordan.

The Team Challenge requires each side to make fish tacos for hungry surfers. Under Jessie’s leadership, the Blue Team makes grilled mahi mahi tacos with chipotle ranch slaw and a roasted pineapple habanero salsa. Meanwhile, the Red Team nixes the initial idea of fried cod for a blackened version of the fish, with pickled cabbage and cilantro-lime sauce. The surfers vote Jessis and the Blue team the winners. As a reward, they’ll be heading to the MLB All-Star game in New York City. Before the pressure test, its determined that Jordan will get the pass for the Red Team.

For the pressure test, Lucca, Savannah, Bri and Krissi, in just 40 minutes, have to cook a trio of chicken breasts – sautéed for Gordon, fried for Graham and stuffed for Joe. Krissi and Lucca are quickly saved after their performances on the chicken dishes, leaving Bri and Savannah – who both served up raw chicken – are in danger of elimination. At the end of deliberation, it was Red Team captain Savannah who was sent home.

MasterChef airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8/7c.

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