MasterChef has Bri Kozior back in the kitchen following last week’s shocking twist, which saw Bri, Lynn Chyl and Bime Cruz fight to return to the competition. No contestants were eliminated, so MasterChef is back to having seven chefs in the running.

The week’s Mystery Box Challenge is a premium T-bone steak. The chefs get 45 minutes to turn the slab of meat into the centerpiece of their dish. They’re also provided with a truckload of fresh produce to enhance the steak entrée for the judges – Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich.

After the judges peruse the finish steak dishes, they select Jordan Roots’ strip steak, Luca Manfe’s, and Krissi Biasiello’s pan seared steak. After the tasting, Krissi is named the winner, which means she doesn’t have to cook in the elimination challenge and gets a free pass to the next round. Krissi also gets to select for the elimination challenge which live poultry goes to which contestant: Jordan (quail), Bri (pigeon), Natasha Crnjac (pheasant), Jessie Lysiak (chicken), James Nelson (duck) and Luca (turkey).

After Krissi assigns them their fowl, the other chefs literally have to catch the birds they’ll be cooking up and putting on the table. Thankfully, it won’t be those specific animals, as the judges reveal they already have ones in their cooking stations that are less alive and ready to be butchered.

Jessie makes a pan seared chicken breast that fails to impress the judges. Natasha's pheasant breast, however, is met with ample compliments, despite Krissi’s doubts about her ability to handle the poultry item. Graham thinks James did a “good job” with his togarashi rubbed duck. Luca’s turkey wrapped in pancetta gets a lukewarm response. Vegetarian homecook Bri successfully prepares an aesthetically pleasing stuffed roast pigeon dish. Jordan delivers a less than satisfactory pan seared quail.

The winner? Natasha and her pheasant. The loser? Jordan and his quail.

MasterChef airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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