Wednesday’s episode of Gordon Ramsay's reality competition series, MasterChef, had the Top 8 contestants compete in a Survivor-like cooking challenge. Bri, Jordan, Lucca, Eddie, James, Jessie and Krissi were all sent away for a night in the wilderness and were challenged to prepare a restaurant-worthy meal with only the ingredients provided in a survival pack and also had to survive a night camping with their teams.

Bri and Natasha had the top dishes last week, making them team captains this week. Bri picked James, Eddie and Lucca, while Natasha picked Jessie, Jordan and Krissi. And then judge Joe Bastianich announces that the winner of Master Chef must be a team player, and therefore, the captains will be switching teams.

Team Blue (Bri) has three rabbits to prepare, while Team Red (Natasha) has six pigeons. Team Blue decides to make braised rabbit with quail egg pasta (made by Krissi), and Team Red settles on serving slow roasted pigeons with rice and vegetables.

After an intense race to the finish, Bri made a fatal mistake when she dropped one of the plates prepared for the judges on the ground. With seconds to spare, the Blue Team was able to re-proportion the plates, but the damage, it seems was done.

Spared from the Pressure Test (making six chocolate éclairs) by the winning team, Krissi joins the winners for another week, leaving Bri, Jordan, and Jessie in danger of being eliminated.

In the end, it’s Bri who ends up baking the worst éclairs and she is sent home. To say goodbye to the young vegetarian, here is her extended audition footage. Enjoy!

MasterChef airs at 9 P.M. every Wednesday on Fox.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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