Beth Kirby and Jonny Blanchard were eliminated from MasterChef on Wednesday.

In the episode, which featured season three winner Christine Ha, the contestants cooked a pig’s head, had to serve up some seafood blindfolded, prepared a dinner worthy of a wedding reception and baked some macaroons.

The pig’s head that opened the mystery challenge was a shock to vegetarian contestant Bri Kozior. The heads were already broken down, and the contestants were told to create a dish using the meat given. Lynn Chyi ended up winning the challenge with braised pork cheek, and he got the advantage in the elimination test that followed.

In the elimination test, Chyi was safe and did not have to participate. In addition to his immunity he had another bonus – he was able to pick a tricky ingredient to give one cook, while giving another to everyone else. He gave the challenge to Krissi Biasiello, making her ingredient a catfish, while everyone else got a live crab to kill and cook. However, Biasiello was not the only one left at a disadvantage. Joined by Ha, who is visually impaired, the contestants were ordered to prepare their dishes – including killing the live crab – while blindfolded.

Natasha Crnjac and James Nelson were named the winners of the challenge, and the captains for the next one. Kirby, for her mascarpone crab cakes, was sent home after one of the judges found her dish inedible.

In the next hour, Crnjac and Nelson led their teams in creating a dinner for a newlywed couple’s wedding reception. Each team captain chose a member of their team to sit out with a free pass – Crnjac chose Biasiello, and Nelson picked Kozior. Before the teams began cooking, the foodie couple gave the chefs a list of foods not to include, and told them that 15 of the 100 wedding guests were vegetarian.

Crnjac led the red team – consisting of Eddie Jackson, Jordan Roots, Bethy Rossos, and Savannah Sturges – in creating an entrée of halibut and, for the vegetarians, eggplant and tomato. Nelson led the blue team – consisting of Chyi, Jessie Lysiak, Blanchard, and Luca Manfe – to make lamb with a parsnip puree, and grilled mushrooms with cream fraiche for the vegetarians.

Judge Graham Elliot made the appetizer – a spring pea essence with whipped cream fraiche. Host Gordon Ramsay created a dessert consisting of a toffee pudding with brown bread ice cream.

Crnjac had a difficult time with her team, and Elliot had to help the blue team along. Despite Elliot’s help, though, the red team won and the blue team had to participate in the pressure test.

Before the pressure test, each judge chose a contestant to save. Lysiak, Nelson, and Manfe were cleared, meaning that Chyi and Blanchard had to perform. In the challenge, the participating cooks were told to make macaroons.

Chyi created a too-sweet macaroon, but presented it well enough to win the challenge over Blanchard, who overfilled his box with admittedly tasty macaroons.

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