Adriana Guillen and Malcolm Green were sent home on Wednesday’s episode of MasterChef.

The first team challenge of the episode had the Red Team – including Lynn Chyi, Bethy Rossos, Beth Kirby, Bime Cruz, Natasha Crnjac, Bri Kozior, Luca Manfe, Green, and team captain Jessie Lysiak – and the Blue Team – including Savannah Sturges, James Nelson, Eddie Jackson, Jonny Blanchard, Krissi Biasiello, Guillen, Howard Simpson, Kathy Prieto, and team captain Jordan Roots – creating a healthy meal for over 300 finicky elementary school students.

The Red team decided to make chicken teriyaki with rice and corn for an entrée, and a strawberry crumble for dessert. The Blue team decided on an entrée of pasta with turkey meatballs and a green bean salad, with an apple crisp for dessert. About halfway through the allotted time, however, the Blue Team realized that the meatballs would take too long to make, and switched to a meat sauce to go with the pasta instead. In the end, the Red Team prevailed with 58% of the vote.

Next came the pressure test, in which the members of the losing team had 90 minutes to bake a cheesecake. Before the test, however, Roots was given the chance to save three members of his team. He chose Simpson, Nelson, and himself. Despite the array of creative cakes, the judges found their weakest bakers – Blanchard, Guillen, and Sturges – and ultimately sent Guillen home.

The second hour opened on the Mystery Box challenge. Before the contestants were able to lift the boxes and reveal the ingredients, the judges told them that they would be cooking alongside MasterChef’s own co-host Gordon Ramsay.

The Mystery Box included ingredients such as: black cod, black and white sesame seeds, soy sauce, cauliflower, rice wine vinegar, and miso paste. The contestants started preparing immediately once their 60 minutes began. Ramsay, however, observed the other contestants for the first 30 minutes before beginning his dish. He created a sesame-seed crusted black cod with rice and caramelized cauliflower, and peanut-miso sauce. Manfe was declared the winner of the challenge with his dish – a pan-seared black cod with snap peas and butter sautéed shiitake mushrooms with a miso glaze.

The elimination challenge’s theme this week was dessert. Because he had won the group challenge, Manfe did not have to participate. He was given the choice of what the dessert would be – two-dozen cookies, a dozen cupcakes, or a layer cake – and chose cupcakes. As a last treat, Manfe was able to take away the mixer of one contestant – thereby forcing that person to mix by hand – and chose Roots. Despite the setback, Roots succeeded in avoiding the bottom three, which included Green, Prieto and Lysiak. After deliberation, Green was sent home.

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  • Jimmy
    Jimmy on

    I’m glad that MasterChef finds good causes for the amateur chefs to cook for and school kids certainly can have a need for healthy and well prepared food, especially in disadvantaged areas. MasterChef is a light show that I enjoy watching on the train, on my way to my job at DISH. That way I get more TV watching done using the DISH Anywhere app on my iPad and Galaxy Tab, which sends the shows from my DVR at home through the internet.

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