Courtney Love is being called out by Kurt Cobain’s ex, Mary Lou Lord in two lengthily posts on her Facebook. In the posts, Lord calls out the former flame of Cobain and said she isn’t “scared” of Love or her “sycophants and lemmings” anymore.

Lord begins with, “To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings….There is a very BIG difference between “Name Drop” and “clearing your name/history”….especially if this person/band/connection might be one of the things that will always haunt you by the fact this it is now still ‘a living, breathing, thing’…..and I will not go down without a f–king fight to set the record straight with that c–t. I honestly mean that. I HATE her, and why didn’t I say anything back then? I was too scared.”

Lord also called Love “the BEST actress” she had ever seen and continues with “as a matter of fact…..YOU SOLD A LIE. And you f–ked up SO many lives.”

The singer doesn’t go into much detail on what caused the sudden need to takedown Love, but she did mention it had to do with certain movies coming out. This might have been a reference to Netflix’s documentary about Cobain’s death called Soaked in Bleach. It follows an investigator hired by Love to find Cobain a few days before his death. Lord also notes that she was “petrified” of what Love could have done to her and was now brave enough to speak her feelings.

Lord also mentioned that people were asking about the “Cobain case” and her only thoughts were that “it’s not my place to say anything. I have no idea what happened. All I know is that they were two very sick people at the time.”

Lord says she wanted Cobain’s daughter, Frances “to know that her father was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.”

Read both posts in their entirety here:

To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings….There is a very BIG difference between “Name Drop” and “clearing your…

Posted by Mary Lou Lord on Sunday, January 31, 2016

I just wanted to thank you guys for being cool and tolerating my rantingabout CL over the last few days. Something did…

Posted by Mary Lou Lord on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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