No more drama for Mary J. Blige! The R&B singer is hitting the books as she plans to attend college this fall in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. "As you know I never got a chance to finish high school but they gave me my honorary degree the other day," the 39-year-old told Good Morning America  of her New York State GED diploma. "And I’ve been accepted into Howard University, the class of 2014!"

Blige dropped out of the 11th grade but has always wanted to go back to school. "If I had the sense that I have now back then, I would be in college by now," she told JET magazine in 1999. "Education is important no matter what field you want to go into." No word yet on what major Blige will be pursuing or if she will put her career on hold. –Natthakan Garunrangseewong

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