Marvel and Netflix have enjoyed a prosperous relationship. Marvel’s Iron Fist is the next series in their collaboration, and fans will get to watch all 13 episodes on March 17.

A new Iron Fist trailer was released on Wednesday, giving aficionados a look at the next saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Danny Rand, portrayed by Finn Jones, has returned to New York after a 15-year hiatus to reclaim his family’s corporation. However, his loyalty to his company and his burden as a vigilante will become at odds with one another. Will Rand continue his family’s work or will he focus on combating crime as the Iron Fist?

Additionally, a bonus scene was released today showcasing the combat prowess of Colleen Wing. Wing, portrayed by Jessica Henwick, is a skilled martial artist.

The original teaser from New York Comic Con can be located at Netflix’s YouTube channel. Jones and Henwick are slated to reprise their characters for Marvel’s The Defenders, which will air later this year. Sigourney Weaver has signed on to antagonize the team as Alexandra.

Furthermore, Marvel Television has another upcoming program. Casting details for Marvel’s Runaways were revealed last week.

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