Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur who was indicted on charges of securities fraud earlier this year, had his Twitter account suspended over the weekend because of harassment.


Shkreli apparently invited freelance journalist Lauren Duca to be his plus one at Trump’s inauguration. Duca’s response was definitely a no, as she posted the invite on Twitter with the caption, “I would rather eat my own organs.”

Shkreli then posted numerous photos of the journalist to his Twitter and made a doctored photo of the two sitting on a couch as his banner, and also wrote in his profile that he had “a small crush” on Duca. Some of his followers followed suit and tweeted other photoshopped pictures.

Duca then posted screenshots of all this unwanted attention and tweeted at Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, asking, “How is this allowed.”

In addition, Duca told BuzzFeed that Shkreli “has been harassing me for a while,” and that his fans have been sending her inappropriate messages ordering her to sleep with Shkreli. Shkreli’s account has since been suspended.

Shkreli was arrested in February 2016 for his role in his company’s choice to hike up prices on a necessary anti-parasitic HIV drug. Shkreli had been at the center of the scandal. He pled the fifth and posted bail, and is free pending trial.

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