Mark Wahlberg has petitioned the state of Massachusetts to have his 1988 assault conviction pardoned.

Wahlberg was 16 when he hit Thanh Lam with a wooden stick while trying to steal two cases of alcohol outside a Dorchester convenience store not far from his home. Later that night he brutally beat Hoa Trinh, who lost his right eye in the attack. Though a minor at the time, Wahlberg was tried as an adult. Original charged with attempted murder, he was convicted of assault and sentenced to a 90 days sentence of which he served 45.

In his petition, Wahlberg says, “I am deeply sorry for the actions that I took on the night of April 8, 1988, as well as for any lasting damage that I may have caused the victims… Since that time, I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen so that I can be a role model to my children and others.”

Wahlberg says the conviction is still affecting his life, and wants it removed so he can continue in other endeavors. The conviction has kept him from obtaining a concessionaire’s license for his family’s restaurant, and he wants to be able to work more closely with local law enforcement helping at-risk children but is limited because of the 1988 assault.

“My hope is that, if I receive a pardon, troubled youths will see this as an inspiration and motivation that they too can turn their lives around,” he writes.

Once the petition is investigated by the state’s Pardon Board, they may decide to open a public hearing before sending their opinion to the governor, who has the final say in the matter.

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