Mark Strong stars alongside Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth in Before I Go to Sleep, a mystery thriller written and directed by Rowan Joffe.

In Before I Go to Sleep, Strong plays Dr. Nasch, who begins to treat a woman named Christine (Kidman), who has been suffering from a form of amnesia that causes her to wake up each day with no memory of what’s happened in days past since getting into a traumatic accident. Neurologist Dr. Nasch, via a phone call, tells her to find the video camera at the bottom of her closet to see the past she can’t help forgetting.

Working oppsite Kidman was one of the highlights of filming Before I Go to Sleep for Strong, who has worked alongside Firth numerous times during his career.

“They were all great, to be honest,” Strong told uInterview exclusively. “[Nicole] is such a professional. She knows exactly what she is doing and how to achieve what she needs to achieve in each scene. Film acting is quite a technical thing as well an emotional one. There’s a lot of techniques that you need to learn subliminally. She is wonderful at it. She really manages to deliver exactly what’s needed. So acting with her was a joy, because she’s a pro and it just meant it was easy.”

Strong’s most notable roles have been as villains – and Dr. Nasch in Before I Go to Sleep is no exception. For Strong, it’s those kinds of complicated characters that interest him most as an actor

“I think if a character is very near me, it’s not that interesting to play,” he explained. “If a character is un-conflicted it’s not interesting to play. In fact the more problems they have, the more outrageous maybe those problems are and their desire and wishes are. For example, Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes wanted to take over the world. Those things are meat and drink to an actor, certainly to me. So, that’s kind of why I like the villains. They’re just never boring.”

Before I Go to Sleep is currently in wide release.

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