It is just days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, and a large demonstration is set to be held in New York on the night of his inauguration.

The rally was organized by groups like Greenpeace and the liberal activist organization MoveOn, and will feature prominent people like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, the reverend Al Sharpton, and celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and Rosie Perez.

Thousands of New Yorkers are expected to attend and demonstrate against Trump’s policies. It will also show support for cities taking their own stance on immigration, climate change, health care and workers’ rights, among other issues.

“We are sending a message to Washington that we will fight, at every step, discrimination and harmful policies, today, tomorrow, and every day,” Mark Ruffalo said in a statement. He said that participants “are coming together to stand up for one another, as we will do every day, to protect the values we hold dear.”

An additional goal of the rally is to bring to the forefront the actions cities can take on a local level, such as working independently to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This comes as a reaction after Trump’s choice for the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, questioned the science showing the planet is warming and that man-made emissions of carbon dioxide are to blame.

The demonstration will be held outside Trump International Hotel and Tower, just a half-mile from Trump Tower, where the president-elect resides.

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