Last week, Mark Hamill posted a tweet confirming he won’t play the role of Luke Skywalker again.

The tweet read: “May The 9th Be A Bittersweet Episode — Knowing It Was The Last Time I Would Ever Play Luke.”

Hamill has been involved with the Star Wars franchise for over 40 years and says he wants the stories to continue and grow without him.

In an interview with EW, Hamill explained why his time with Star Wars has ended.

“I had a beginning, middle, and end. Those films gave me far more than I ever expected when we started out so it’s never even occurred to me. My farewell was in Episode IX and it was bittersweet. I love all those people and I certainly have affection for George and the character he created. I’m full of gratitude for what it has given me and my career but I don’t want to be greedy. There are still so many more stories to tell and so many great actors to tell them, they don’t need me,” Hamill said.

Some fans hoped Hamill would reappear in future Star Wars projects as Force Ghost Luke, but for the time being, Hamill isn’t interested. 

Hamill looks forward to seeing how Star Wars evolves in the future. He was especially complimentary on the franchise’s collaboration with Disney+ for The Mandalorian series.

“It sort of gets back to the basics of George envisioning it as a western in space. It has that tone of a Sergio Leone Western,” he said. “I’m very impressed with it and to me, a very smart move on their part because you can’t keep trying to top… It’s like the superhero movies that have to deliver these gargantuan epics. And with The Mandalorian, they can concentrate more on the characters and the storytelling. I think it’s excellent.”

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