Mark Dice uploaded a new video to YouTube on July 1, in which he asked people why America celebrates Independence Day. Many answers were ridiculous and hilarious, leading the video to over one million views.

Mark Dice Asks Americans Why We Celebrate Independence Day

Media analyst and Conspiracies author Dice went to San Diego, Calif., last week to ask beach-goers questions about the reason Americans celebrate the Fourth of July. Dice labeled his experiment a fail when he noticed that most of the answers he received were a bit disturbing.

Dice is seen on a beach asking the first question of his questionnaire. “What country famously broke away from England to start their own country in the late 1700s?” A young boy responded with a shake of his head and a, “I don’t know man.”

“What are we celebrating on the Fourth of July?” Dice later asked. A middle-aged woman replied saying, “Our independence.” But, when Dice wanted her to be more specific her answer made even less sense. “It’s a day that we overtook the south,” the woman explained. Dice had to point out that she was referring to the end of the Civil War.

“So the Declaration of Independence was signed by who?” Dice asked a young blonde woman. Once again her only reply was a laugh and “I don’t know.” Yet, Dice wanted her to just name one person — she came up with president Abraham Lincoln.

“What country did we declare Independence from back in the 1770s?” Dice asked another young woman. Of course her answer was… “I don’t know.” Dice hilariously told the woman that she should have her celebration revoked because she doesn’t know the answer.

Looks like a few Americans need an extra history lesson. Check out the video and see if you have the answers.

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