Marissa Jade, who co-starred with the late Angela “Big Ang” Raiola on VH1’s Mob Wives, has fond memories of her friend, whose death came as somewhat of a surprise.

Marissa Jade On Big Ang

Big Ang passed away Thursday morning from brain and lung cancer, after successfully beating the disease, which had started in her throat, twice.

“The woman was tough. She went through a lot,” Jade told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “She beat cancer twice. She went back to the doctors and everything was fine. Then the next thing you know, she goes back and it just attacked her.”

“I just, my heart really breaks and aches for her and the family,” Jade added.

Looking back on her time knowing Big Ang, one moment in particular from a vacation to the Hamptons sticks out to Jade. It wasn’t a big moment; it was just Big Ang being Big Ang.

“We were doing yoga… and I was looking down and Angela is staring at me like [makes a face], and I’m like, what is she looking at?” Jade recalled. “I don’t know, just certain things, it’s her mannerisms and her reactions towards things. That moment actually stands out because I wasn’t expecting anyone to stare at me like in the moment of me doing like a pose, and she’s looking at me like cross-eyed, like, ‘How is this b—h doing this?'”

Jade also remembers a relatively recent trip to Miami. She’s emotional at the recollection, in disbelief that her friend’s health took a turn for the worst so rapidly.

“And then we had a really good time in Miami. A few of us went to Miami together and Ang was a part of it. We had a good time,” said Jade, adding, “It’s just surreal. I can’t even believe it happened, so quick.”

Big Ang passed away surrounded by loved ones Thursday. She was 55.

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