Marilyn Manson has filed a defamation lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood, who accused him of raping her during a music video shoot. The suit also alleges that Wood, in collaboration with her girlfriend Ilma Gore, hacked his social media accounts, impersonated both him and an FBI agent in different letters, and pressured his accusers to come forward while providing them with scripts.

Wood’s comments first became public when the film Phoenix Rising, directed by Amy Berg, premiered at Sundance. The documentary will air on HBO soon, but the cabler and Berg are not named in the suit. Manson’s lawyer, Howard King, told Deadline that was because “Amy Berg and HBO are also victims of Wood and Gore. They were duped into making a documentary based on false claims and fraudulent documents.”

According to Wood, Manson, real name Brian Warner, got her drunk on absinthe and penetrated her against her will while filming the music video for his song “Heart-Shaped Glasses.” She also later publicly accused Manson of “grooming” her when she was a teenager.

King and Manson claim their complaint contained evidence for all of the wild accusations being made here, and Wood has not responded publicly to the legal move as of yet. King added that Wood “created a fictitious email account to manufacture purported evidence that Warner was emailing illicit pornography.”

The suit also alleged that Wood was actually the one behind the several women subsequent coming forward and accusing Manson of abuse. It claims Wood and Gore used tactics such as impersonating an FBI agent and making false statements to other accusers, to motivate them to speak about Manson publicly in a negative light.

Manson’s suit seeks unspecified damages along with “an order enjoining Wood and Gore from engaging in further wrongful conduct toward Warner.”

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