Mariah Carey is being sued for about $30,000 by her veterinarian who said the singer has yet to fully pay for the services provided to her three Jack Russell terriers.

Dr. Cindy Bressler, who specializes in small dog internal medicine, claimed Carey has only paid roughly $8,200 of the $37,800 of the charges incurred over the course of a month though no descriptions of the treatments were specified. Neither Bressler nor Carey’s representatives have responded for comments since the lawsuit began Thursday.

The three pooches are often highlighted in Carey’s comedy sketches and Twitter, where she would post photos and updates of the dogs’ activities and mischief. A few weeks ago, Carey tweeted an offer to fans to adopt her dog ChaCha’s newborn puppy. –Natthakan Garunrangseewong




  • sal
    sal on

    mirah is a low life and dirt bag. she was sweet at one time. terrible

  • algree03
    algree03 on

    I love her! I bet this is just a misunderstanding

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