Mariah Carey extinguished flames from right under her feet as she was about to begin her concert on Monday night. "In Egypt getting ready to go on stage and suddenly there was a surge of power and an electrical fire started under my feet! Wtf?!" Carey tweeted. "Naturally, my emergency instincts kicked in and I put out the flames w/a towel. Lol (yet true)… The funny thing about this ish is an ol’skool radio station in the other room started playing "aww freak out!"@that exact moment!."

Clearly unharmed, Carey made sure to tweet to her best friend Jasmine Dotiwala. "Appalled U didn’t tweet to see if I’m OK after the fire incident in Egypt! (Said in my diva theatrical accent:)" The diva also managed to tweet a photo of the ashes from the fire she had just put out. –JULIA ALKON

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