Maria Kang posted a picture on Facebook with her three young sons, wearing a sports bra and work out booty shorts and with a controversial caption, which caused many to feel like the California mother of three might be fat-shaming her fellow moms.

Showing off her toned abs and arms, Kang kneels behind her sons – a three-year old, a two-year old and an eight-month old. The poster-like image is captioned, “What’s your excuse?” The bold posting has polarized those who’ve come across it, with some lauding Kang’s fitness and others accusing her of unfairly judging those whose post-baby bodies don’t resemble hers.

Valerie Zitzer commented on the picture, "I'm sure she has a nanny doing all the work while she works out all day." Catherine Wettengel said, "Newsflash to Maria's PR dept. Comparing themselves to others is what got a lot of Americans in health trouble to begin with. Oi. Great pic! Not so great message on the top of it."

More positive Facebook user Lee Gal E wrote, "Love the inspiration! Keep it up! I'm a mother of four and I know what you mean about the time issue!" Rhonda Vaughn wrote, "Wow. this is inspirational! women, we should be building up each other as moms, NOT judging each other because someone has something you don't. and IF she wanted to get a babysitter to work out, big deal… many women use daycare/babysitters to work. Way to go Maria, hopefully you don't take these negative comments to heart."

On Tuesday, weeks after Kang changed her profile to the controversial photo, she took to Facebook with another picture of herself – this time in a bikini – to show everyone that she’s not “perfect” either.

“You know I have stretchmarks. I have excess skin. I'm often overwhelmed and I'm not always motivated to eat healthy and exercise,” she captioned the photo. “But, I do it. I may splurge on chocolate or miss a workout — but I never stop, I never quit, and I never stop striving. I am a real mom, with real obligations and this is a real picture of me — excess skin and all — saying YOU are beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful. AND it can make you better!”

Kang also issued a “non-apology” on Facebook, which she explained to ABC station KXTV. "I never called you fat, I never said that you were a bad mother, I never said what's your excuse for not looking like me, I never said anything like that,” she said. “I just came out and said you need to own the thoughts you put in your own head because I didn't put it there, you did.”

– Chelsea Regan

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