Paparazzo Pedro Orquera is alleging assault after friends of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne reportedly physically defended the actresses against Orquera’s aggressive photo-snapping.

Robbie and Delevingne were getting into an Uber to leave a Buenos Aires restaurant over the weekend when Orquera allegedly invaded their space to take pictures. The Uber driver reportedly tried to get out of the situation fast, and took off with Robbie still half out of the car.

The Barbie star had to jump out of the car quickly to avoid serious injuries, and Orquera kept snapping photos of her while she was on the ground.

Then, British filmmakers Jac Hopkins and Josey McNamara allegedly had a “brief struggle” with the paparazzo in an effort to protect their friends — Hopkins worked with Robbie on the upcoming Barbie movie, and McNamara is her business partner.

Both pals of the actress have reportedly been detained after Orquera went to the cops with his story. It’s not yet clear what charges they’re facing.

During an interview at the hospital, the paparazzo called the alleged altercation “cowardly” and a “brutal attack.” He claimed, “They tried to take my camera to delete the pictures that I had taken.”

“I started running away from them because they were hitting me,” Orquera recalled. “While I was running from them they kicked me hard so my camera went up in the air and I fell on the floor and injured my arm.” He added, “I was bleeding an awful lot. I was losing a lot of blood, in a few minutes the police arrived.”

McNamara and Hopkins argued to the cops that Orquera was “responsible for his own injuries” because he did not have Robbie and Delevingne’s consent to take pictures.

Robbie and Delevingne may be questioned by authorities in Argentina following the incident. Neither actress has publicly commented on the brawl yet.

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