Singer Maren Morris has deleted all photos of her baby Hayes Andrew off of social media after she received backlash for posting a photo of herself and the baby on an inflatable raft in a lake. 

The photo showed Morris holding her son on a raft while holding an alcoholic beverage. Many were commenting asking where Hayes’ life vest was as well as voicing their concern that the baby could drown. Some even went as far as to say that Morris is a bad mother. 

Others, however, stuck up for Morris. One Twitter user wrote, “Seriously? Leave the woman alone. Let her enjoy a cute photo and time with her baby! You can clearly see it’s shallow water. Ffs.”

Morris responded by writing, “Honestly, I get so many criticisms of my motherhood on anything I post of Hayes, so I may just discontinue posting photos of him. Sucks but it’s kind of where I’m at.”

Mickey Guyton also defended Morris by giving some advice, “Don’t let them come for you sis. You’re an amazing mother and those that have something to say don’t deserve to see this beautiful life you created in love.”

Morris answered, “Thanks, babe. I mean, we talked about curbing posting photos anyway now that he’s a little bit older, but the added crap from (mostly other moms) folks definitely forced our hand.”

Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd commented on the issue, “I’d just like to say, my wife usually doesn’t need me to defend her, but she’s a great mom, and my kid was not unsafe on a float in 1 feet of water being held by an adult with 5 people watching so she could get a picture.”

Morris and Hurd welcomed their new son in March. Morris had announced her baby’s birth by posting an Instagram photo with the caption, “Hayes Andrew Hurd. 3/23/20. Love of our lives.”

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