Marco Brancaccia has reached a private settlement with Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli, both of whom have accused Brancaccia of stalking Giuggioli.


According to both parties’ lawyers, the settlement was reached “in the best interests of their families.” Moreover, both parties have asked the Italian courts to delay the case’s preliminary hearing so they can formalize their settlement. And per the agreement, neither party is making any further public statements about the case at this time, People has learned.

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Brancaccia, a journalist from Italy, previously had an affair with Giuggioli that lasted from 2015 to 2016, and has been accused of continued harassment after the affair ended. The authorities were contacted by Giuggioli last year when she claimed Brancaccia instigated a “frightening campaign of harassment” against her.

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Brancaccia denies these accusations, noting how the full extent of their post-affair interactions were ”two messages via WhatsApp” and one email. Nevertheless, police formally charged him of stalking back in May when they retrieved “abusive messages and emails” off of his phone.

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