Should Robin WilliamsMrs. Doubtfire sequel become a reality, there is one actress who will definitely not be reprising her role in the classic 90s comedy: Mara Wilson.

Wilson, now 26, was just five years old when she got her breakout role in Mrs. Doubtfire as the youngest of three children, Natalie Hillard. Wilsen went on to earn a place in pop culture history when she played Susan Walker in the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, and is perhaps most beloved for her starring turn in Matilda (1996) After the 90s came to a close, Wilson left professional acting behind, and says she has no intention of picking up where she left off in Hollywood should she be asked to participate in a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.

“For the record, no, I do not have anything to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, nor will I,” Wilson proclaimed on Twitter Thursday, April 17, just one day after it was announced that Williams was working on a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.


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Williams, is reportedly tied to the project, as are original director Chris Columbus and Elf scribe David Berenbaum.

Despite her fondness for Mrs. Doubtfire, Wilson says she simply has no interest in participating. She also added that she has fond memories form the film, it simply isn’t her life anymore.

As Wilson’s tweets turning down the possible sequel circulated, she went on the defensive, saying that she does not mean to be drawing attention to herself through the tweets, she is simply answering questions from followers.

Disregarding her unwillingness to step in front of the camera, Wilson also wrote that she doesn’t approve of any attempted sequel, with or without her, writing that she thinks the story ended exactly where and when it was supposed to.

“I liked where the last one ended, so I don’t really think a sequel is necessary,” Wilson wrote on Facebook.

Wilson has been bombarded with messages and tweets, both criticizing her decision not to participate in a hypothetical sequel and her decision to share her position with the world on social media. Wilson has repeatedly said that she only addressed the issue because fans were asking, and she seems to have a sense of humor about all the attention her tweets have gotten.

On Friday, April 18, Wilson took to Twitter again to express her frustration at all the media drama her statements have caused, writing, “I thought we’d be done this morning. Nope.”

Wilson ended up taking advantage of her newfound popularity on social media, posting links to the nonprofit she works for, Publicolor, and other causes she finds important.

Lisa Jakub, who played the oldest daughter Lydia Hillard in the film, also addressed the rumors on Twitter, saying that she was “undecided” on whether she would return if asked. That said, Jakub also told the Huffington Post that she has no idea how or why they would write her character into the script.

Matthew Lawrence (Chris Hillard), however, said he would definitely be up for a sequel.

“Of course I would be on board. I hope they make the second as good as the first. The first was so good,” Lawrence said Thursday.

Incidentally, Lawrence is the only one of the three young actors who has kept up a steady acting career – on screen – since the 1993 hit.

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