Fans speculated whether Maneskin’s Damiano David was using cocaine during his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday after he was seen hunching over in a sniffing position during the show’s finale.

The Italian rock band won the Eurovision contest, which was held in Amsterdam. A Swedish journalist later asked David about the incident, and he denied he had consumed any drugs.

The European Broadcasting Union later said they would investigate and test the singer to see whether or not he used drugs. After willingly taking a drug test, the organizers of the show said the test came back negative.

The European Broadcasting Union later said in a statement that they were “alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to fake news has overshadowed the spirit and the outcome of the event and unfairly affected the band.”

While David was seated on a couch with his bandmates, he bent down face-forward. His face was not visible, as there were beer bottles and other drinks in front of him. The band member sitting next to him seemed to have nudged David, and he sat back up.

A video of the incident spread across the internet and a Swedish reporter approached David, asking him about his possible drug use.

David said that he had bent down to pick up broken glass that his bandmate had dropped by accident.

“I don’t use drugs, please guys,” said David. “No, please don’t say that. Don’t say that, really. No cocaine. Please, don’t say that.”

France’s minister of state for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, said that if David tested positive, the band should be disqualified.

Barbara Pravi, who was the band’s runner-up, shared a post on her Instagram, saying the band’s victory in the competition was well-deserved.

As the band held their trophy, David said during their acceptance speech that “rock ‘n’ roll never dies.”

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