Twitter was manic with questions during last night’s Oscars ceremony over the woman who appeared to be Ryan Gosling‘s date. Beyond the fact that he wasn’t accompanied by his partner, Eva Mendes, the twitterverse seemed most distraught with Gosling’s date’s dress – and all that it revealed.

As it turns out, his date was only his sister, Mandi Gosling, which dispelled all rumors of an adulterating Gosling – although it is doubtful many believed he would cheat on Mendes, who was at home taking care of their newborn daughter, while on national television.

But still, most noteworthy to those at home and on Twitter was the revealing nature of her dress.


Maxim found the dress particularly interesting tweeting, “Ryan Gosling’s sister’s amazing cleavage won the #Oscars, and we’ve got the pics to prove it.”

After learning who she was, many seemed to search for more information on the other Gosling.


Mandi Gosling, although not as involved in Hollywood as her brother, is a producer and has worked on the reality TV show, Miss Advised as well as NBC’s Dateline. She also served as a producer for Pharrell William‘s music video for his song “Happy.”

Also discovered was that the Gosling’s had attended other award ceremonies as siblings in the past – they went together to the Gotham Awards in 2006 and the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2008.

Gosling’s La La Land co-star, Emma Stone, who won the Oscar for Best Actress, brought her sibling to the awards show as her date as well. Not wearing a dress that revealed cleavage, Stone’s brother, Spencer, did not receive the same kind of attention adorned to Mandi Gosling.

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