The Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port was broken into by man who later claimed to be looking for Katy Perry and John F. Kennedy Tuesday night.

James LaCroix Breaks Into Kennedy Compound

James LaCroix, 53, entered the Kennedy family’s Cape Cod property around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to TMZ. He allegedly entered one of the houses on the compound through an unlocked door. Once inside, he cooked himself dinner and was later found by police sitting on a couch and reading a book.

Ted Kennedy Jr.’s 16-year-old son had run into La Croix during his time at the compound, but had assumed he was a house guest he’d yet to meet. However, when Ted Kennedy Jr. called the home at around 9 p.m. to check up on his son and LaCroix answered, he immediately alerted the authorities.

James LaCroix's mugshot

LaCroix told police that he was looking for Perry, for whom he’d brought a gift. He also told officers that he was hoping to see late President John F. Kennedy. LaCroix was ultimately arrested and charged with breaking and entering, though cops have acknowledged that he “was detached from reality.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. will be marrying actress Cheryl Hines at the family compound later this summer.


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