Last Wednesday, a man was able to access an Army Barracks just a few hundred yards away from Queen Elizabeth II’s residence at Windsor Castle. He tricked the Coldstream Guards into believing he was a priest with the name “Father Cruise” and was friends with the priest of the base. He spent a whole night before being arrested after breakfast the following morning.

The suspect spent the night in the Victoria Barracks officer’s mess where he spun even more elaborate lies including that he was an ejector seat test pilot, had gone through several organ transplants to be resistant to G-force, and even received a medal of honor for feats of heroics in the Iraq War.

Luckily, the Queen had been celebrating easter at her Sandringham country house, and the phony father was escorted from the premises before she returned, following a check that found his tall tales were indeed just that. The police said the intruder was not arrested and “no further action was required,” following his removal.

The Ministry of Defence will be investigating the oversight that led to the breach. The man reportedly talked his way into the barracks without presenting any form of ID, and the Queen’s security is supposed to be increasing in anticipation of her Platinum Jubilee next month.

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