A fan ran on to the field during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV, pausing play as security guards chased the man.

The man, dressed in a pink one-piece leotard, black shorts (which he tried to remove but couldn’t) and yellow sneakers was only seen for a moment on live TV as the cameras cut away and CBS went to commercial break.

“Someone has run on the field, some guy with a bra,” commentator Kevin Harlan said. “He’s pulling down his pants. Pull up your pants my man! Pull up those pants!”

A video taken by someone in the stands shows the fan running down the field at Raymond James Stadium. One security guard tries to grab him at the 30-yard-line, but the streaker escapes his grasp with a spin, leaving the security guard on the ground. The fan continues running before sliding into the end zone as a group of security guards “converge on him at the goal line,” as Harlan put it.

As the security guards wrangled the rogue fan, cameras cut between quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, who watched on.

“And the players at the other end of the field with hands on their hips are looking at him and shaking their heads, saying, ‘Why, oh why, is this taking place at a Super Bowl?'”

“One of the great runs of the night, I will say that” remarked commentator Jim Nantz before the channel cut to commercials. “They should sign them!”

The chest of the streaker’s one-piece said “Vitality Uncensored,” which is the name of an adult website run by Russian YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. This is not the first prank of this kind done by Zdorovetskiy or his followers. The man in the leotard was identified Yuri Andrade.

During last year’s Super Bowl, a female Instagram model was arrested for running onto the field, and showed off her similar pink thong while she was escorted off of the field.

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