Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old living in Paris, is being called real-life superhero after scaling a four-story building to save a child who was dangling off the balcony.

According to French investigators, the boy was left home alone after the boy’s father left to go to the store, however became distracted on the street by playing Pokemon Go.


Gassama came to the rescue and became “Spider-Man of the 18th,” after saving the child from falling down to the 18th Arrondissement.  Many people are applauding his bravery and is being rewarded with legal status in France.

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A reward for his heroism is actually written in France’s civil code. It states that, “Article 21-19 says that a fast-track naturalization procedure is possible for a foreign national who has ‘performed exceptional services for France, or whose naturalization would be of exceptional interest for France’.”

The child’s mother lives on Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, saw the video of her son and thanked Gassama for his bravery. “We can only thank him and thank heaven he was so reactive,” she says on a French radio station.

The father was arrested on the charges of neglecting his parental duties, however he was was released from custody and reunited with his son on Monday under social services’s supervision.

Watch the heroic rescue below.

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