Reality star Mama June is currently in a hospital after experiencing internal pain.

Mama June recently got her own TV show From Not to Hot about her weight loss. The reality TV star used to weigh 460 pounds, and went from a size 18 to 4.

The latest episode of her TV show revealed that June called an ambulance after experiencing stomach pain. She told her daughters she couldn’t get off her bed.

“This pain I’ve never felt in my whole damn life,” Mama June says. “Something’s really wrong.”

“My stomach, like I can’t even get up,” she added. “I should have gone to the hospital last night.”

Mama June achieved her weight loss through a series of surgeries, as well as exercise and diet. Doctors had warned her that her medical operations could lead to complications, including blood clots or a leakage in her gastric sleeve, as well as a risk of infection.

“I really hope I haven’t pushed my body too far,” Shannon tells her daughters in the closing scene, before calling an ambulance.

A preview for next week’s show reveals June is in the emergency room, where doctors told her that her test results yielded some unexpected results.


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