After the reality TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled over a controversy, there is talk of a new show with Mama June and her daughter Alana.

Mama June has been on an incredible weight loss journey in recent months.  The reality star has reportedly slimmed down from over 300 lbs to a trim size four.

In an interview with TooFab, she confessed that she’s “very happy” with her new look — adding, “I’ll never go back to where I was.”

Mama June said that she lost weight thanks to surgery. “The gastric sleeve is… I’ve not had any complications. I’d definitely recommend it,” she reported in an interview. “Before you have any skin removal done, it is recommended you do have some kind of grastric, whether it’s the lap band or the gastric sleeve, but I’ve had no complications with any of my surgeries. I’ve actually had a pretty good recovery, the doctors are surprised I’ve not been in much pain and I’ve recovered very easily.”

As a result of Mama June’s transformation, she has been awarded a new TV show, which comes to air on Feb, 24. The WE tv show is titled Mama June: From Not To Hot and tracks Mama June’s weight loss journey. It seems that Honey Boo Boo and her sisters have lost a little weight, too.

“‘It hasn’t changed my life dramatically. The only difference is that people are able to see the way I look now. Before, I used to be told you couldn’t tell when I lost weight. But now I know I’m the s**t and you cant tell me nothing!’”

Mama June is pleased with the results of the transformation, though she is keeping her new body hidden until her new show airs next week.

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