German business student, Malte Wöestefeld, got a rare treat while visiting a safari zoo park in Germany when a zebra stuck its head in his car and posed for a few selfies.

Zebra Selfie

Wöestefeld, 24, was driving through the safari park with a friend when he spotted a zebra by the side of the road. “There was a big horde of zebras in the distance but this one particular zebra was standing on the side of the road. It looked like it was waiting for us,” Wöestefeld told Today.


Wöestefeld worked at a zoo as a teen, and, though he knew zebras could be dangerous, he decided to roll down his car window for the animal. “I was super-excited and it seemed like it felt comfortable and wanted me to pet it. I wasn’t scared at all; I was just blown away that this wild was so cuddly and putting his head next to my face,” he said.

Knowing this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Wöestefeld had his friend take a photo, and gave the zebra a carrot in exchange for the fun zebra selfie. Wöestefeld posted the picture on his private Facebook page and, after being encouraged by some friends, shared it on Reddit. The photo has since gone viral, and, while the reaction has been mostly positive, some have expressed concerns at Wöestefeld’s lack of safety.

When confronted on Reddit, he insisted that he was careful, saying, “I have deep respect for wild animals and know how to be responsible and careful.”

Later, Wöestefeld told reporters he doesn’t want people to think he is advocating this kind of behavior, which goes against zoo regulations. “I have to admit that I didn’t think much about us being in a dangerous situation. I was just super-excited to make a new friend. I’m not encouraging people to do the same. I should have closed my window, but I could sense that everything was going to be okay,” Wöestefeld admitted to Today.

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