Barack Obama‘s oldest daughter, Malia Obama, will be interning with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Malia will have to head to New York City, where the producer’s company is located. The former President’s 18-year-old daughter is expected to begin working at The Weinstein Co. in February, after a family vacation in Palm Springs, California.

The East Wing previously announced that Malia will be taking a gap year, a year off between high school and college. Malia is set to attend Harvard in the fall.

Malia has expressed interest in film before, and has had internships related to film-making. She interned on the HBO series Girls and also spent time on the Los Angeles set of Halle Berry’s CBS series Extant.

There’s no word yet on which part of the film company Malia will work in, but the Hollywood Reporter suggested the marketing department as most likely.


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