Footage of Malia Obama, 19, has emerged of her at the Lollapalooza festival in Grant Park in Chicago rolling around on the grass dancing.


The eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama is known to be a fan of music festivals, especially Lollapalooza. This year, the teen was seen dancing and rolling on the ground with a female friend, clearly having a great time. Later, she was carted away from the festival in a Secret Service golf cart. Her head was slumped down as she appeared to fall asleep, and awakened when jolted by the bumps in the road.

There is no evidence that Malia was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. At one point, she appeared to convulse on the ground, but it turned out to just be a dance move, when she eventually started pounding her fist to the beat of the Killers song that was playing.

In addition, it is reported that the teen lost her phone at the music event. An eyewitness says Malia was spotted at a Chicago Apple store trying to get her iPhone replaced, but she was struggling – “The Apple Store couldn’t immediately help her because she didn’t have the Apple ID or the password for the missing phone, since the White House set it up,” the source said.

The former president’s daughter is known to be a fan of Lollapalooza. In 2016, Malia was caught on film smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette at the festival, which many thought was marijuana. No solid evidence has come out that she has ever done drugs.

Now, Malia seems to be enjoying her last summer off before attending Harvard in the fall. During her past year, the former First Daughter interned for various film studios, including the Weinstein Company. She was even praised by Oscar-winner Halle Berry for her hard work as a production assistant on Berry’s Amazon series Extant.

“She was fantastic, she was amazing,” Berry said of Malia. “She was down to do whatever a PA is asked to do, and I had wild respect for her for that. Everybody couldn’t really see her as a PA, although she tried and tried to be one. We just couldn’t really see her as one, but to her credit, she tried very hard to be one.”

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