Boxer Magomed Abdusalamov, known as the “Russian Mike Tyson,” has been in a coma for over a week following a fight at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

On Nov. 2, Abdusalamov, 32, suffered a defeat to the Cuban-born Mike Perez in a 10-round match in which he sustained multiple shots to the head. Following the end of the fight, Abdusalamov was permitted to leave MSG by the New York State Athletic Commissions medical team, despite the fact that his face was incredibly swollen and he’d likely broken both his nose and left hand.

“I am not afraid to say it. New York State Athletic Commission is horrible,” Abdusalamov’s boxing manager Borin Grinberg told New York Magazine. “It is dangerous for these people to be so careless and not do anything.” Apparently the post-fight evaluation included a urine sample and a counting test. “He says, 'Count one, two, three, four, five …,' and then he tells him to make sure he goes to hospital tomorrow because his nose might be broken,” Grinberg reportedly said. “They give him no attention! No ambulance!”

Once out on the city street, Abdusalamov threw up, which Ginsberg took as a sure sign that his fighter needed immediate medical attention. He hailed a taxi and had the driver rush them to the nearest ER. At St. Luke’s Medical Center, Abdusalamov threw up once more and later lost consciousness. It was eventually determined that he had brain swelling and a blood clot. He’s been placed in an induced coma as doctors continue to try to relieve pressure inside his skull.

While doctor’s hope Abdusalamov will wake up from the coma without long-term damage, the boxer’s wife and three children are hosting a vigil at the hospital ICU.

– Chelsea Regan

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