The original Material Girl, Madonna, is being sued by a company claiming she stole the "Material Girl" name for her new clothing line from them. L.A. Triumph, Inc. says its been marketing "Material Girl" clothes since 1997 and wants to receive all profits made from Madonna’s new clothing line so far. They also want a judge to rule that using the same name constitutes a "deception."

LA Triumph’s Material Girl is manufactured in Cerritos, Calif., and offered in stores like Nordstrom and Ross. Meanwhile, Madonna’s Material Girl has sealed a deal to sell at Macy’s. Both lines having roughly the same price tag, causing confusion in the marketplace.

Madge’s  collection hit stores earlier this month, and headed by her daughter, Lourdes, who is said to be the creative force behind the line, and with Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen posing as the face of the brand, the line has already come under fire. At the launch, Momsen’s band, The Pretty Reckless, was scheduled to perform at a New York Macy’s, though confused fans thought Madonna herself was going to perform leading to an unexpectedly over-capacity packed house which couldn’t be contained. The collection has also come under fire for allegedly stealing a design from Ronny Kobo. –ANDREW BANKIN

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