In the first time in over four years, Madonna performed live at the Billboard Music Awards with Latin pop artist Maluma. The pair performed “Medellin,” the first single for Madonna’s upcoming album, Madame X.

Madonna graced the stage as her alter-ego Madame X alongside Maluma and a sundry of CGI doppelgangers, as they danced and cha-cha’d to an excited crowd.

The Queen of Pop looked fantastic as she donned an outfit that was one part pirate, another part dominatrix, complete with fishnet stockings, gloves, and a signature eyepatch.

Maluma was no slouch either, as he wore a sleek black shirt with matching pants and red suspenders.


This was the 25-year-old Columbian’s first time ever performing at the Billboard Music Awards and he only had good things to say about working with Madonna.

“It was crazy, I went to the VMAs,” he said. “I met her over there, then I was touring in Europe and in London she called me and she said she had a song for me called ‘Medellín.’ I’m from Medellín, Columbia and it’s crazy that she said that she wanted me to be part of the project.”

“We just had a beautiful connection. She is one of my biggest inspirations,” he continued.

Maluma will appear in an additional song on the album titled, “Bitch I’m Loca.” Madame X releases on June 14.

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