People might have bet against superstar Madonna, who turns 53 today, and her boyfriend Brahaim Zaibat, 24, when they started seeing each other last September, but the duo appear to be going strong despite a brief rumored split back in May and a more than 28-year age difference.

The two were seen locking lips on the beach in the Hamptons while watching Madonna's two youngest kids, David and Mercy, play in the sand. In one photo, they looked straight at the camera before nonchalantly returning to their passionate embrace.

Zaibat, a French dancer who met the Material Girl when he performed a solo act for her at a launch party for her clothing line last year, has been the latest in a line of young lovers for Madonna. Before Zaibat, her most recent beau, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, was also 24. Madge doesn't seem detered by the scrutiny or skepticism, despite the fact that even Zaibat's mother, Patricia Vidal, who is eight years younger than her son's new squeeze, has publically denounced the union. "The fact that she's Madonna doesn't make things any easier," Vidal told UK's Daily Mail when her son started showing up in the tabloids.

According to Zaibat, it doesn't make things harder, either. "She's just a woman like all the others," he said. "She's an extraordinary artist and world famous, of course, but a woman above all."

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