Classic tourist trap Madame Tussauds London unveiled their latest wax figure of Zendaya, which was based on a 2016 red carpet look she wore at the Human Society of the United States’ rescue gala, a bright pink pantsuit.

When images of the figure began to crop up online, some users complimented the likeness, while others found that it looked just, slightly off. Critics of the figure pointed out that the facial proportions were a little off, not enough to make it unrecognizable but certainly enough to make the Euphoria star appear slightly alien.

Others also felt that her pose chosen for this particular figure did not look particularly natural, and people did not hold back their criticism in responses to the photo shared online.

If you’re a London local, you can go see this strange new figure in the Wax Museum starting Friday in the “Awards party zone,” where she’ll be standing alongside figures of Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson.

Here’s a video of Zendaya reacting hilariously to other wax figures made for her back in 2020.