After five months of labor, London’s Madame Toussauds has finally unveiled the life-size wax figure of President-elect Donald Trump, just in time for his inauguration.


The waxwork is one of four created by Madame Toussauds, while the others have already been shipped to Washington D.C., New York and Orlando in time for Jan. 20. “I was lucky enough to get some measurements from a sitting we had in 1997 at the Trump towers,” said chief sculptor David Gardner. “At the sitting we would take the measurement of the head and we would also use anchor points.”

In order to get his hair correct, they had to consult with the stylist from The Apprentice. “We did a lot of research about how he styles his hair,” explained Gardner. “It’s hairspray and almost like a lacquer.” The color was the most difficult part. “His hair is a mixture of human hair and yak hair,” says hairstylist Kelly Cox. “We use yak hair with people with white hair because human hair is not readily available.” Squirrel hair was used for the eyebrows.

His skin tone was another challenge, but coloring artist Verity Talbot used pinks and magentas in the hopes of making the waxwork look lifelike. “He’s got such a character about him. It was about trying to capture that,” she said.

The wax Trump is on display at Madame Toussauds in front of an Oval Office backdrop. The leaders of the wax game also created a wax Barack Obama in the Oval Office in 2009.

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