Mad Men’s next episode, titled “A Man With A Plan,” comes fresh off of the heels of last week’s major twist, in which Don Draper’s (Jon Hamm) firm, SCDP, merged with a rival firm.

“Man With A Plan” will reunite Don and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) in the business world, and promises to provide viewers with some high tension in the office. The official plot for season six’s seventh episode reads, “SCDP tries to placate competing clients. Pete is blindsided by an unexpected guest.” And, in keeping with Mad Men’s notorious secrecy, the promo for the episode is equally vague.

Jon Hamm shed some light on the lack of spoilers on a recent trip to The Daily Show With John Stewart, saying that actress Linda Cardellini, a new guest star this season, was forbidden from telling her family that she was working on the show. “It’s something we decided… No one wants to hear the end of the story,” Hamm told Stewart.

One thing fans can be certain about is that, as season six continues, the show will continue to center around Don Draper’s internal conflicts. “This season is about Don, and I made a commitment to tell a full story, no matter what the consequences are,” executive producer Matthew Weiner told EW.

“A Man With a Plan," directed by Mad Men’s own John Slattery (who plays Roger Sterling) airs Sunday, May 12 on AMC.

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