Man Men’s new season is right around the corner, and the AMC drama's actors are spilling about what's in store for their characters.

“She has been taking so much s—t for so long,” Elisabeth Moss told E! News about her character Peggy Olson. “It’s nice to order them around for a change!”

While Peggy is destined to fill new bossy shoes in Mad Men’s sixth season, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) will be mellowing. Vaguely alluding to mayhem ahead while referencing his characters new turn, Kartheiser told On The Red Carpet , “Maybe you’ll love to love Pete Campbell.” Then, after admitting that Pete is hard to like, he said, “The world needs sonofaguns, or else what would the heroes do? What would they fix?”

“Trouble is caused,” he added, teasing the season premiering April 7. “I can’t say who causes it, I can’t say when they cause it, and I can’t say who they cause it upon. But trouble is caused.”

Rich Sommer, who plays Harry Crane, also dished on season six. “For my money, it’s certainly one of the more exciting seasons," he said in an AMC teaser video. "I mean, there’s a lot of stuff happening that would never have happened on the show three or four years ago.”

When Jon Hamm spoke to the press earlier this year, he admitted that despite the heavy action in the season, he wouldn’t be speaking much during the premiere episode. What he hopes will be heard instead of his voice is the rampant symbolism showrunner Matt Weiner embedded throughout Don Draper’s scenes.

Some of the upcoming “action” in Mad Men was leaked following an advanced screening of the two-hour premiere episode. A wedding, two deaths and a physical transformation for Betty (January Jones) are all in store.

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