Mad Men opened on Sunday night with Sterling Cooper & Partners happy to show off their new IBM 360, the computer that Harry Crane was so eager to get into the office. It’ll impress their clients and perhaps get them some more business.

Mad Men Recap

In order to fit the sizeable machine at SC&P, the creative lounge is out and the computer is in. Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is less than thrilled about the arrangement, but Lou (Allen Havey) tries to reassure her that the computer is going to be of far more use to her than the lounge. Despite their prickly relationship of late, Lou recommends Peggy for creative on Pete’s (Vincent Kartheiser) Burger Chef account. Cutler (Harry Hamlin) had wanted Ted (Kevin Rahm) on it, but Ted wasn’t interested. Pete, however, insists on having Don (Jon Hamm) do the work.

Lou isn’t about to let Don get a leg up anywhere, so he puts Peggy on the account and adds Don to her team. Lou also gives Peggy a $100/week raise. Wielding her new power over her former boss, she calls both Don and Mathis (Trevor Einhorn) into her office to discuss the project. By Monday, she wants 25 tag lines from each of them. Peggy explains to a confused Don that Lou likes to work backwards – get a tagline and then design the whole concept. Once he returns to his new office – Lane Pryce’s old office – Don tries to toss his typewriter out the window.

Don Frustrated At SC&P

Don’s frustrations grow even greater when he tries to bring some new business to Cooper (Robert Morse). Cooper isn’t interested. Though he’d always had Don’s back and still does to a certain extent, he won’t deny that Don airing his dirty laundry has been a disservice to him and the entire firm. The two debate about what Don is even doing back at SC&P now that he’s been rendered virtually impotent.

Roger (John Slattery) is out of work for the day, dealing with some family drama. His daughter Margaret (Elizabeth Rice) has abandoned her husband Brooks (Derek Ray) and their son Ellory to join a commune in upstate New York. It’s been 10 days and she hasn’t returned, so Brooks went up to retrieve her. He failed to get her and ended up in jail after a bar fight.

Roger Visits Marigold

Roger and Mona (Talia Balsam) take action and go to see if they’ll be more successful with their daughter. Now going by Marigold, she has no interest in returning with her parents. She no longer wants to accept societal norms and meet its expectations. She wants to be happy and free. While Mona heads back to care for Marigold’s son, Roger sticks around with his daughter. He smokes some pot with her at night, but come morning, he wants her to get back to her life.

While Roger is out of the office, Don slips into his office and whips out some vodka. Predictably, he drinks way too much and is on the verge of ruining whatever progress he’d made in the last few months to get back to work. Thankfully Freddie Rumsen (Joel Murray) is there to help his pal out and escorts him out of the office and to a Mets game. Before they get out of there, though, Don takes a moment to give Lloyd a piece of his intoxicated mind that seemed like a convoluted ramble about technology – something that could threaten to make him obsolete.

The following day, Freddie levels with Don about his life. He wants Don to figure out what he wants. Does he want to drink himself into oblivion, be the mess the firm believes him to be? Or, does he want to pick up the pieces and fight for the respect he’d lost. When Don arrives at the office Monday morning, he looks well-rested and put together. And, when Peggy comes to his doorway, he tells her she’ll have her tags by lunch.

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